Edge-On Gaming Ltd.

Take a walk on the wild side

Edge-On Gaming Ltd. is a broad-based gaming company with many passions, from traditional pen-'n-paper role-playing and desktop games to computer games (eventually). We cheerfully admit to being flighty and easily distracted. On the flip side, we're firmly committed to publishing fun games bursting with solid rules and good ideas, and providing them to our customers at a fair price. If that's a trade-off you can live with, you've found the right company.

Make your save vs. dice

Edge-On Gaming Ltd. is the exclusive publisher of the innovative System DL roleplaying game and supplements based on those rules. As more campaign supplements become available, we'll probably pay lip service to d20 as well. Because, you know, everyone else is doing it.

One page to rule them all

If you've ever perused the System DL Freeware rules and said to yourself, "Self, these 17 pages of rules involving single-digit math are just too complicated for me!" then it's time to rejoice! Edge-On Gaming Ltd. is proud to present Basic SDL, a simplified one-page version of System DL ideal to introduce diceless roleplaying to new gamers, players reluctant to try new things, and people with ADHD. Once you've got them hooked on Basic SDL, you can move them up to System DL Freeware and then roll them over to the System DL Manual and Player's Field Guide. After that ... well, we can't tell you to take all your friends' other game books out and build a huge bonfire with them, but you know what you must do.

Because we are a company and everything

... we feel beholden to remind our visitors that the full-featured yet inexpensive System DL Manual and Player's Field Guide is still burning up the boards over at DriveThruRPG. The full version includes many, many odd and cool things you just won't find anywhere else, like streamlined rules, expanded rules, alternate rules, vehicle rules, and many other rules, because rules rule.

New for June 2020: We're also on itch.io for double your purchasing pleasure!

Aaaand we're spent

Stay tuned as this site fills out a little more. We think it's going to be fun. But then, what do we know?