Edge-On Gaming Ltd.

Upcoming Modules for System DL

At the current rate of development, the first module listed below will be the first commercially available module for System DL. It's like we're a real company!


This was originally called "ZRNPC X Hyper Mega Turbo Edition, Type R," though everyone we've ever talked to hates that name. So we'll probably keep it. ZRNPC X is the full-fledged version of the goofy "Zombies vs. Robots vs. Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. Cowboys" game world presented in the System DL Handbook and Players' Field Guide package. That's right, folks ... more poop socks. This supplement will cover most of the major areas of Adventure Island! in detail, and include a fun introductory adventure. We may also throw in a Basic SDL conversion so you tightwads can play the game without giving us even one more of your hard-earned sweat-stained pennies, and maybe even a d20 Modern conversion, because we're nice people. Now give us money.

The World of Delvesdale

A small mining down high in the mountains strikes a vein of an unusual metal. Soon afterwards, strange misshapen people in heavy cloaks begin appearing in the streets, asking shopkeepers in oddly accented voices about the new find. What are these beings, why do they want the metal, and what can a group of young people do to prevent the destruction of all they hold dear?

The World of DownLoad

In the shadows of the year 2295™, Crime® runs rampant. Into this dystopian future appear small strike groups, struggling to free humanity from a shadowy coalition which literally owns the world. But why should these groups fight for humanity when they're not exactly human themselves?

The World of DeadLift

The advent of the Reactionless Drive, a cheap electric device which creates thrust without fuel, thrusts mankind into the Solar System far faster than anyone anticipated. Carrying their Earth-bound angers and prejudices with them, entire nations take to the cold depths of space. Only the EOSA and their so-called "Rangers" attempt to keep civilization under control ... before civilization itself becomes extinct.

The World of DreamLands

Something is wrong. Something is wrong. Something is wrong. The Moment cannot hold you. Something is wrong. They do not know they're blanks. Something is wrong. The warders are within them. Something is wrong. Something is wrong. We are not supposed to be here. Look at the rain, do you see it? Something is wrong. Something is wrong. Everything is wrong. We must get out. Now.

Stay tuned as we expand our product line. We're just getting started!